Track & Field

Our service offering for athletics (known in the US as track & field) revolves primarily around line-scan photo finish timing using the Swiss Timing OSV Star & Myria cameras. These cameras offer precision to 5/10,000ths of one second, though results are only published in 1/100s resolution. The backup system consists of dual, active photocell pairs with precision to 1/100s. The arrival times are recorded on roll paper for quick review in the rare event of a problem. For highly-competitive meetings, a reverse-angle camera may be requested to allow judging of competitors that may be blocking each other. This system serves as a secondary timing system, with the photocells in a tertiary role.

If your facility has a Daktronics sign, we can provide RTD streams for results, start lists, and running time. We will work with you to set up the layouts and RTD fields, as well as the data interface, be it serial or UDP.

As quality starting shells get harder to find, we have a solution in our electronic starting system. The primary components (the electronic "gun" and the amplifier/controls to make it work) are the same used by Swiss Timing at events worldwide in several disciplines. We provide satellite speakers at appropriate positions on the track so all athletes can hear the starter's commands and the starting sound effect. There are no shells to reload and no revolvers to clean. Furthermore, the starter can not start the race until he gets the ok from the timing staff, which makes sure a zealous starter can't get ahead of us.