Cross Country

Our cross-country service offering is centered on the race|result passive RFID chip timing system. A 4.8m ground antenna, usually called a "mat", spans the width of the finish line, with a backup antenna 3m past the finish for picking up chips that may not have been read by the primary antenna. A HD video camera is used to record the activity at the finish line as another backup, and we take "select times", which are the bib numbers and times of a sample of finishers, for added security. Additional timing points can be provided for splits and announcing of finishers' names.

Shoe chips are used primarily for large cross-country meetings, due to their low recurring cost for the meet director. We also offer bib numbers with chips, which are printed in full CMYK color, allowing for limitless graphic design choices. If you already have your own numbers, no problem! We can furnish chips with adhesive backing that you attach to your numbers yourself.

For championship-level competitions, we can provide our Scan'O'Vision photo finish system for verification of the finish order of every finisher. This is essential for meetings where every place matters.